Our Story

how we came to be

As parents of active children, finding snacks that combined real nutrition and great taste was a regular challenge so we started producing granola bars in our kitchen a couple of years ago. Friends and family loved them and always told us you should sell these, they’re delicious.

After exploring the market some more, we really felt there was a need for healthier on-the-go snacks. It didnt appear that the larger food companies were interested in providing healthier snacking alternatives, and the amount of added sugar in many products, especially those targeting kids (and the subsequent impact on Diabetes 2) really made us feel like we could make a difference. With the millions of things to worry about when raising kids, making sure they are enjoying healthy snacks on a daily basis shouldnt be one of them. Following this idea, our company mantra was born: One less worry™

We knew we had a great concept, but we needed some extra assistance to make the bars truly special. So we asked an extremely talented team of natural food product developers from Colorado, led by Derek Spors of Spork & Ladle, to work with us to create something that didn’t exist in the marketplace.

The path that this endeavor has followed has been incredibly interesting and rewarding, and has allowed us to offer you a product that we are extremely proud of and enjoy eating ourselves.

what makes us unique

We feel that if children are going to snack (and they always will!), why not give them something that not only tastes great, but gets them closer to their daily recommended fruit and vegetable serving. Snack with a purpose!

Our goal was to create the ultimate granola bar that had an ingredient list and nutritional panel that parents are looking for, combined with a taste and consistency that kids (and adults) love. We arent aware of any other granola bars out there where the 1st ingredient listed is naturally dried fruits and vegetables.

Each Wave Bar™ contains:

  • ½ serving of veggies (5 different ones: carrots, pumpkin, beets, kale and broccoli), per USDA
  • ½ serving of fruit per USDA

The unique nature of our product really creates an opportunity to educate children about whats in their food. We arent trying to replace the importance of eating fresh fruit and veggies everyday, but people will always like to snack, and we want to help make it a more meaningful, healthier, and tastier experience.

Some additional highlights of our all-natural bars include:

  • no refined sugar
  • no high fructose corn syrup
  • all non-GMO ingredients
  • provide a good source of fiber
  • low in sodium
  • provide 430mg of omega 3s
  • vegan and Certified Kosher

Although we had our kids in mind when developing this unique snack, the taste and health factors are greatly appreciated by adults as well.

our partnerships

Our partnership with Mommy Moves Fitness: We are proud to announce that Mommy Moves and the Wave Bar™ will be teaming up to create healthier lifestyles for kids! Mommy Moves helps create healthy families with fitness and fun. Their classes include Mommy Moves Stroller Fitness Classes, Extreme Mommy Boot Camp, Run With The Girls Running Programs and their all new National Fabulously Fit Weight Loss Challenge. The delicious, low sugar Wave Bar, an all natural soft-baked granola bar packed with a ½ serving of real veggies and a ½ serving of real fruit in every bar, is a great way to keep you and your family fueled for fitness and fun throughout the day. The primary mission of both companies is to help promote healthier family lifestyles which makes this partnership a natural fit!

Our commitment to the RAINE Foundation: we have partnered up with a wonderful local charity called RAINE (Reaching All In Need Everyday). When Sandy devastated the region, we were incredibly impressed with how hands on RAINE was by immediately helping out those in need. We will never forget working with RAINE volunteers, going door to door, helping hand out supplies to people who had just lost everything and didnt have any idea what to do. We truly admired and related to their hands on approach to helping solve a major crisis. Our companys mission is to help promote healthier family lifestyles, and RAINE makes sure that the essential building blocks are in place to make that a reality. We hope to continue to grow as a company so more of our profits can help this great organization make our area a happier, kinder community.

Our partnership with JerseyMomsBlog :  Were Jersey Moms. So you know we have a lot to say.  JerseyMomsBlog is a collaborative community and social resource for parents to connect and incite great thoughts and ideas.  They host an impressive collective of professional writers and bloggers who are also NJ Moms (and Dads) and run their own thriving communities. They know the beauty of our states beaches, the serenity of High Point as well as the traffic that can outlast any childs nap. They write from the heart, aspiring to inspire other parents as they navigate their family lives in this great Garden State.